CCA Chess Club

In 1750 Benjamin Franklin wrote an essay titled "The Morals of Chess".  This essay underlines the goals of the Cesar Chavez Academy (CCA) -Chess Club as follows.


Chess is more than a game but a learning tool to:
plan ahead
pay close attention
be cautious
gain advanced understanding from winning or losing
be respectful of your opponent

Chess has strict rules in regards to:

   Placement (light color square to right)
Square Identifiers (from Whites side of board)
Files are vertical squares identified a through h
Ranks are horizontal squares identified 1 through 8

Initial Board Placement
Queen 9 points
Rook 5 points
Bishop 3 points
Knight 3 points
Pawn 1 point
King is not assigned a value though its the most important piece

A piece when touched, is selected to move
Time limit to move a piece is to be mutually agreed upon
No intentional distractions are allowed