Anthony Dziedzic

I am Anthony R. Dziedzic and over the past thirty five years, I have participated in 80 plus information technology projects where most were a success, a few failed miserably and others unexpectedly succeeded. What made the difference?  I became aware, from both a staff and leadership perspective, that success was rarely the sole result of technology, but rather it came from the individuals forming the IT team. When leadership utilized the collaborative skills of the team, a project’s objectives were met and more often then not, exceeded expectations regardless of any unforeseen events.

ARD Associates was founded in 1994 as an Information Technology consulting firm.  By the close of that decade, I found that my clients were using my experience and IT expertise to not only fulfill the specifics of a project and build the IT team to have the project be successful upon initiation but to also support it after my participation ended.  The “ARD” in ARD Associates is me.  The “Associates” in ARD Associates is you and all who have similar work ethics and believe in teamwork as I do. 

This blog is intended to reprise the TeamTacks™ Journal which began in February of 2000 as the Information Technology Team Coach Periodical.  All past issues have been posted on this web site.  The reprising of TTJ hopefully will fulfill my curiosity of whether what I presented early in this century is relevant to today’s world of such diverse and poignant opinions of how we should accomplish our purpose not only in the workplace, but as citizens of the United States of America.

Feel free to share Team Tacks™ Journal with friends and colleagues, but please request permission if you’d like to reprint any portion by sending e-mail to coach@ARDassociates.com.

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