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I’ve had an opportunity to respond to a less then thoughtful email that presented conservative non-thinking opinion of the Latino population in America.  Here’s the exchange of emails that when all done we agreed on just who Latinos are.

Anthony, nice to hear back from you.  Alvera is my cousin and also my God-mother.  Her dad and my mom were brother and sister.
Yes, I too know and have neighbors that are from Mexico.  Very hard working, nice people.  He is the first one to step up if I ever need any help. His oldest daughter speaks very good english, so she helps in translating.  He has told me many times how blessed he is to live here.  He goes to Mexico every year at Christmas and takes toys and cloths.  I always take my grandson to help pick out toys to send, so he can experience giving to those that are less fortunate.
Thanks again for responding and you have a good day.
Sharon, thank you for your comments.  Alvera and I exchanged emails and within one of them I shared with Alvera the following… “Since I have known a few Latino immigrants here in Denver and more so in Phoenix, I know the common stereotype is not accurate.  My grandparents only spoke broken English and maybe your grandparents did also, like many first and some second generation Latinos.”
Your comment “But, I feel the difference in then (like your ancestors and mine) and now, is that so many of the imigrants come here to get a job for better money, but don’t want to learn the language, work to become citizens or care that much about this country” is not true with all the Latinos I have known.  Many Latinos left Latin America for the same reasons my grandparents left Poland.  Many have experienced the oppression like my grandparents did in Poland.  Ones who are here legally do become citizens.  Last year I tutored reading at Cesar Chavez Academy (also coached chess there) where my student had been speaking English for less than a year.  His parents did attend night school to learn English.  My sister lives in Nogales, Arizona right on the border.  She has shared with me many stories of the courage and determination these immigrants have in wanting to better themselves and their family.  What I will acknowledge is that Latinos when among themselves will speak Spanish as my grandparents and parents spoke polish when they were in the company of polish people.
As those immigrants from Eastern Europe became part of this great nation generations ago, these immigrants will also be an integral part of our future.  BTW, my polish heritage son teaches Spanish at East High School here in Denver.  A little irony?
Thank you for listening.
Anthony Dziedzic

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Anthony Dziedzic draws upon his many years experience as an information technology professional and company executive in developing the principles and methods of TeamTacks(tm) and the guidelines presented in the Ten Commandments of Teamwork. The ideas and disciplines presented in Mr. Dziedzic's 'Motivated on Purpose' series of workshops and presentations have been published and quoted in Information Technology trade journals: Datamation, InformationWeek and CIO.
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