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I am guilty of hanging onto emails for years. So this past weekend I decided to do some house keeping on my in-box.  In doing so I found a gem of a reply dated July 5, 2006 from a client, Precision Heavy Haul in Arizona ( http://www.precisionheavyhaul.com/ ).  I was a day or two from going to my daughter’s wedding in Scotland, when I sent a follow up email asking if the team building course using the Ten Commandments of Teamwork was being effective.  I give out a laminated business card with the Ten Commandments of Teamwork printed on the back to everyone participating in the course.  Here is Jim’s reply:

Tony- hope you’re having a good time- my best to the bride and groom.
I’ve witnessed numerous times- a lot of people digging out the card and reading one of the commandments to another individual during a conversation or a major discussion- I think they would like it to appear they’re being funny, but as much as it comes out I think the majority like it and use it or they wouldn’t actually carry it. I’ve seen Tim, Cary and Frank with it the most. Jim

What makes this so special is that the men in this company are the most “macho” types one can imagine.  And yet they now had a way to become better at their jobs by resolving issues and concerns through open communications and using the guidelines as presented in the Ten Commandments of Teamwork.  If you haven’t done so yet, take a good look at these guidelines and see if they can be effective in your organization.


Final words:

“We only see what we look at. To look is an act of choice.”
John Berger (1926-, Art Critic and Author)

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Anthony Dziedzic draws upon his many years experience as an information technology professional and company executive in developing the principles and methods of TeamTacks(tm) and the guidelines presented in the Ten Commandments of Teamwork. The ideas and disciplines presented in Mr. Dziedzic's 'Motivated on Purpose' series of workshops and presentations have been published and quoted in Information Technology trade journals: Datamation, InformationWeek and CIO.
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  1. David says:

    Tony, your views on teamwork are always inspirational. Keep ‘em coming!